Jake Gyllenhal


Greg knows how to make skittles. The boys think about get a tattoo while discussing Dashboard Confessional, the Goo Goo Dolls, the Nicholas Cage connection and first car accidents. Spider-man: Far From Home Spoiler Filled Review Starts at 30 min. The new season of Stranger Things rocks our world. Deadwood the movie reviewed.

Episode 06: Chazz From Brooklyn

A quick run down of all the summer movies. Staying relevant as always the boys wonder if anyone saw the movie Collateral Beauty. Deven’s subway antics. The debut of Greg’s new character on the show: Chazz and attends a hot sauce expo. The new Hellboy is out. Talking about spoiler internet trolls. The Russo Bros are starting their own studio. Kirk enacts Vin Diesel’s process for playing Groot. Anticipating Spider-man: Far From Home.

Jamie Foxx scary Blu Ray Set

Jamie Foxx scary Blu Ray Set