Ethan Hawke

Episode 03: FIRE ALARMS

Dunkin has officially changed their name and things will never be the same. Join us in this dirty filthy city for an in depth discussion of would you rather, special Jamie Kennedy edition. We talk about Dr. Prison, the sure fire sequel to the Mask, Jim Carrey’s wonderful year. Don’t miss info on the new Will Smith Genie from Aladdin, the Disney Plus Marvel shows, and Matthew McConaughey selling you a car. Remember that monkey doesn’t need to be cgi. And we ponder if Will Smith believes in Will Smith anymore. Stay tuned for a thrilling dangerous conclusion.


Greg battles the theater staff at a local cinema for bringing in candy. Some haunting hotel reviews are acted out. The Lethal Weapon TV show saga is briefly discussed before the Variety expose is released. Mr. Internet appears; to tell Greg and Deven off for their lack of respect towards Ron Howard.  Roseanne took some ambien and became racist. Solo: A Star War Story spoiler free review. The fate of The Simpsons, Walking Dead and the Creepy Crawlers movie is measured. Iceman buzzes the tower.